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Saya with Koiguchi, Kojiri, Kurikata made of real buffalo horn

Better Bohi, counterbalance and weight. The Iaito emits a great sound during the practice of cuts in the air (TACHIKAZE)

Alternate Tsukamaki and Hishigami in order to get a long lasting wave even with an intense daily practice

Why buy this Katana?

    • Iaito sword for iaido, kendo, kenjutsu and ninjutsu practice, perfect for decorations
    • Maru Kitae blade with bohi, made of 1060 high carbon steel and Notare style hamon, full tang and fully functional
    • Green cotton tsukaito with hishigami, samegawa in real black ray leather,  traditional Mokko tsuba, copper finishes and hand-worked Habaki
    • Opaque black lacquered wooden saya, with Koiguchi, Kojiri, Kurikata made of real buffalo horn 
    • Perfect proportions and counterbalance. Suitable for amateurs and experts
    • Authentic handmade production. All its parts can be disassembled and reassembled like a real Katana 
    • Supplied without sageo        
    • Supplied in an elegant cotton bag with the Yarinohanzo logo on it

This product has passed the quality control by YariNoHanzo

Data sheet
Nagasa 69.5 cm - 71.5 with Habaki
Hamon Notare style
Sori 2 cm
Tsuka 27,5 cm with Hishigami
Tsuka Ito Green cotton- Alternate tsuka maki
Same real black ray skin
Tsuba Mokkogata
Bohi Single
Saya Black lacquered wood - Ishime
Mekugi nr. 2 bamboo
Weight 1.148 Gr. with Saya - 954 Gr. without Saya
Steel 1060 high carbon steel
Habaki copper
Seppa copper
Shitodome copper
Koiguchi Real buffalo horn
Kurigata Real buffalo horn
Kojiri Real buffalo horn

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